Available Choices Of Home Bar Cabinets

Home Bar Cabinets

Home bar cabinets can be excellent additions to your home, allowing you to better organize and display your collection of wine and spirits, as well as your drinkware. Plus, what a luxury it would be to designate a specific area in your home for preparing and serving beverages, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

There are several home bar cabinets available. Perhaps the most popular style, however, is the utility style. These are preferred by most customers for their simple, compact design, as well as their easy setup. They are also favored for their versatility, as they can blend well with not only the dining area of your home, but your living room, game room, and even your study. There are several design possibilities when using these types of bar cabinets within your living spaces. Their typical dimensions measure up to about four feet wide, three feet high, and two feet in depth, and are specifically designed to sit right up against a wall. Compartment design is very similar across the several available models on the market, in which includes a large center compartment accompanied by a small compartment on each side.

One good example of these types of home bar cabinets is the Home Styles Omni Cabinet Home Bar (model 5539-99), probably the most popular home bar cabinet currently on the market.

Its middle compartment has two sections. The bottom section has a crossbar wine rack and can store about 12 bottles, flat with mouth facing forward. The top section stores your drinking glasses. The two side compartments open up by swinging outward, revealing a total of four additional compartments, each with two sections (total of 8 more storage sections). You can store additional drinking glasses and other dinner ware, or beverage accessories such as an ice shaker, as well as a few smaller beverage bottles. The top surface of this bar is rather neat. It is divided into two halves which slide outward outward to reveal a liquid resistant vinyl center. Use this area to prepare drinks, as well as to keep a few glasses of wine or other beverage, ready to be enjoyed by any passersby craving a drink. The two side panels, which are now extended, can be used as serving areas for appetizers, or to keep readily available beverage, drinkware, and accessories that are needed while you have guests over. When not in use, slide the two top panels together and place a center piece on top, perhaps a serving tray with a bottle of your favorite vintage, along with a glass or two. This is a great focal point and conversation starter to any social gathering which you may hold at your home.

The Home Styles 5539-99 Omni Cabinet Home Bar is constructed out of poplar hardwood solids with walnut and wenge veneers, and has a rich multi-step walnut finish. True dimensions measure at 54″W x 18″D x 36″H. If you would like to purchase it, the typical price range is $600 – $700. However, there are similar models that sell between $400 and $500.

In fact, there is another popular model out there called the Bedford Bar Cabinet, which is also produced by Home Styles (model 88-5531-99).

It too has the top sliding panels found in the Omni. However, what makes it different is that its compartment doors are equipped with windows, so that you can openly display your collection. Also, instead of a cross bar wine rack, it has a grid styled wine rack which can hold up to 15 bottles. It also has a small pull out drawer top-center. With a elegant black finish and sleek lines, this is a perfect fit for living spaces with contemporary elements. Dimensions for the Bedford Home Bar Cabinet are 36″H x 59″W x 20″D. It sells for about $475.

If you are interested in another style of home bar cabinets, check out the following alternatives: